Stabbyoboy – Uncertainty Relations

gennaio 15, 2008 on 11:54 pm | In Various | Nessun Commento

This post is for a great friend of mine. I know this webpage is not really “important” or indexed but it worths.

I just want to advertise his first (i hope the first of a long long sequence) disc.

It’s really particular. The first time i heard it i didn’t fully understood it, i needed 2-3 times to appreciate its details and realize how original it was.

Ok stop talking. Due to some shitty logistic issues (bastard company!!!!) it’s really difficult (probably impossible) to hold the real cd in your hand, but you can find and buy it on the web, even on iTunes.

Som links for the artist:
go taste
Stabbyoboy MySpace webpage
Stabbyoboy Virb webpage

Good Luck.


Serj Tankian – The Unthinking Majority

gennaio 3, 2008 on 1:49 am | In Various, World/Politics | Nessun Commento

Just a cite today…describing in few words today’s world.

We don’t need your democracy.
Execute them kindly for me.

We don’t need your hypocrisy
Execute real democracy.

I believe that you’re wrong
Insinuating that they hold the bomb
Clearing the way for the oil brigade

Serj TankianThe Unthinking Majority


Goodbye 2007

dicembre 31, 2007 on 3:03 pm | In Life, Various, World/Politics | Nessun Commento

Here we are, few hours and this 2007 will end.

As usual, as every year, it has been full of news, good or bad.

Once i want to be just optimist, despite everything shitty happened this year, in the world, in Italy, some job issues, some personal issues, with three lovely persons left us to reach the heaven.

Despite all, we’re still here, enjoying all the smallest things we’re lucky to have.
Despite all we’re not alone, we all have a person close to us ready to give a smile everyday. Most of time is enough, it’s a reason to go ahead.

Things may go worst, but who cares, we’ll be there to fight.

Goodbye 2007, 2008 is here. it will not find us unready.

Enjoy guys.

You could be happy, i hope you are
Snow Patrol


Dreaming a number

maggio 3, 2007 on 9:26 am | In Life, Various, Web, World/Politics | 2 Commenti

yesterday i had a dream….

i started to count…1…2…3….
then i evolved in….
09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

Wanna patent a number too?
we’re going mad. Take care of serious things guys, don’t seek poor single persons

and…as the Digg’s creator wrote…

if we have to lose…fuck…at least let’s lose by trying and fighting….


Piazza del popolo

marzo 7, 2007 on 12:53 pm | In Life, Various, Web | Nessun Commento

A new blog has been created. This is not my own personal one but shared with other friends, but, as usual, everyone’s invited!

Reachable at or


Restiamo in tema di disgusto

febbraio 8, 2007 on 10:31 am | In Life, Various, World/Politics | 3 Commenti

siete tutti coperti di merda

mi vergogno di essere uomo

lasciatemi solo

restate lontani non voglio vedere nessuno

rabbia e disgusto è quello che provo

e continuo a morire


che crescono su quello che distruggete

tutti contro tutti nella competizione

che voi chiamate società

rabbia e disgusto è quello che provo

e uccidono ancora e ancora

vi odio!!

rotolate su questo pianeta come tanti maiali nel fango

rabbia e disgusto mi fa schifo restarvi vicino


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