So much time off

gennaio 22, 2007 on 11:24 am | In Developing, Life, Munich | Nessun Commento

So much time without a post.
Lots of things changes, i’m back in Munich again, but i have my own apartment while previously i was in a residence.

much better now, lots of space. I think i’ll be here for the whole 2007….

What else..I’m waiting for adsl line to be up, they told me it may take up to 3 weeks…

let’s see.

I have lots of projects/idea in my mind, which i can take care of only during the weekend, but if i don’t have
internet access it’s pretty hard.

The first is to shutdown Blight Zone as it’s unused now.
Next i’ll talk with Zed (XChat maintainer) because 2.8.0 release introduced a systray, so i’ll ask him if he wanna
integrate my plugin in the main branch.

The main idea is to create a forum/blog with my friends where to flame and discuss of everything.
Let’s see how much support i’ll find.



Back to Italy!

dicembre 21, 2006 on 9:56 am | In Life, Munich | Nessun Commento

Tomorrow i’ll come back to my native land….so wonderful!

Nothing to add….

Ops…just one…i bought a new desktop pc, i should get it tomorrow, this means in 2007 i may restart some development.

Merry Xmas All!


Coming back!

novembre 16, 2006 on 12:48 pm | In Life, Munich | Nessun Commento

Today i’m coming back to Italy after 2 months i’ve been in Munich.

Good! Even if it’s for a short time, sunday i’ll be here again.

But…no problem 🙂


German vs Italian TV

novembre 9, 2006 on 11:33 am | In Life, Munich, Various | Nessun Commento

I have to say that i rarely watch at german channels.

Just some sport, i really understand nothing in german!

But i noticed some differences.
Money and people related.

German shows are not so full of pretty-all-naked women.
Ok they have guests and spectators, but not as in Italy.

Who pays them?

For istance, during 2006 Football World Cup they had some
journalists, some doing interviews, some commenting, some doing previsions
and so on…
but not as many as italian televisions! even if German was guesting the championship.

In every italian show we have at least one wonderful woman,
always half naked, understanding nothing about the topics,
but who cares….helps audience.

No problem, Italians will pay for that.


Back to italy!

luglio 20, 2006 on 10:12 am | In Munich | Nessun Commento

Tomorrow i’ll be back to Italy, just for a weekend.

Nice, i’m so happy 🙂

I’ll take a Lufthansa airplane, so if you see no more posts next week…’ll understand what went wrong 🙂

joking…i hope!

see u.



luglio 7, 2006 on 4:49 pm | In Munich | 2 Commenti

Thanks god it’s friday!!!!!!

GO GO GO home! i must rest a bit this weekend. just like everyone i guess. see u on monday.

ps. -14 days and i’ll be back in italy for a weekend! hurray.

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