Konqueror corrupts some italian MotorSport webpages

novembre 24, 2007 on 3:46 pm | In Developing | Nessun Commento

Did anyone meet this issue?

So strange, Konqueror (this is 3.5.8) worked perfectly until 3.5.6….
So sad, two of my favorite websites gets corrupted…


Mozilla Lightning 0.7 (Calendar) build for x86_64

novembre 18, 2007 on 9:01 pm | In Developing | Nessun Commento

Mozilla Thunderbird is a great mail, news and rss application which lacks the calendar support.

The alternative may be using one Google Calendar service, but if you want everything integrated it’s disappointing.

There is a project, Mozilla Calendar which has two branches: Sunbird and Lighting, one is a standalone application (useless for me!!), the other is a nice Thunderbird extension.

The bad part is that Mozilla provide Windows, Linux and Mac builds only for i686 systems. So amd64 and newest Intel users (x86_64) cannot use it.

Or better they must use Thunderbird 32 bits binary + Lighting extension build by Mozilla.
So bad.

I’m a Gentoo user, whole system is 64bit and i refuse to have 32bit binaries.
So as Gentoo does not provide an ebuild i compiled it manually:

1) download sources
2) unpack them: tar xjf lightning-sunbird-0.7-source.tar.bz2
3) cd mozilla
4) ./configure –with-system-nspr –with-system-nss –enable-default-toolkit=gtk2 –enable-xft –disable-freetype2 –enable-application=mail –enable-extensions=default,lightning
5) make

you will find Thunderbird binary in the ./dist/bin dir, while our Lighting release is in dist/xpi-stage.

If you want to use my build, i just uploaded the two versions:
Mozilla Lightning 0.7 64 bit version
Mozilla Lightning 0.7 64 bit version with WCAP (Sun Java System Calendar Server) support

Works great on my system, let me know if you have any issue


Ciao Enzo

novembre 6, 2007 on 10:18 pm | In Italia, Politica | Nessun Commento

Ci lascia oggi un grande: Enzo Biagi.
Uno che se doveva dirla…la diceva. tutta e basta.

non a caso fu uno dei tre (con Santoro e Luttazzi) a subire il famoso Editto Bulgaro
da parte del “nostro” “amato” ex-Presidente Berlusconi.

Niente da dire.
Grazie, e salutaci Indro.


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