Happy new year!

dicembre 29, 2006 on 1:46 am | In Life | 1 Commento

I’m leaving to enjoy the new upcoming year near Florence, so…take care and enjoy.



Back to Italy!

dicembre 21, 2006 on 9:56 am | In Life, Munich | Nessun Commento

Tomorrow i’ll come back to my native land….so wonderful!

Nothing to add….

Ops…just one…i bought a new desktop pc, i should get it tomorrow, this means in 2007 i may restart some development.

Merry Xmas All!


Submount patch for kernel 2.6.19

dicembre 18, 2006 on 9:55 am | In Developing | 2 Commenti

Will Linux Kernel ever have some peace (read stable API) ?

Answer is “no”, of course. Confirmed by kernel guru and mainteneirs, by intent..
should be defined criminal intent…but..ok..
I have no will to open a flame about this, compared to windows stability
(of interfaces i mean, of course!).

In the meanwhile, enjoy the submount patch for 2.6.19, it seems that just a field in the
inode structure has been removed (if i’m wrong… sorry, i had to look into a 32mb patch file, had
no connection, so i don’t know the motivation nor the log of the change).

Tested, works ok on my floppy/cdrom driver.

As usual, enter the subfs-0.9 directory and apply with

patch -p0 < /path/to/the/downloaded/patch and recompile as usual. I'm going to submit a Gentoo bug for that too. However this is the listing --- subfs.c 2006-12-17 16:32:19.000000000 +0100 +++ subfs.c 2006-12-17 16:35:51.000000000 +0100 @@ -310,7 +310,9 @@ if (ret) { ret->i_mode = mode;
ret->i_uid = ret->i_gid = 0;
ret->i_blocks = 0;
ret->i_atime = ret->i_mtime = ret->i_ctime = CURRENT_TIME;
ret->i_fop = &subfs_file_ops;

Download patch

Enjoy and report if you have problems


People that doesn't deserve their place…

dicembre 15, 2006 on 9:40 am | In World/Politics | Nessun Commento

Generally i don’t like to mock particular persons but groups!


this time I can’t stop from linking this nice document
i got in some email chain!

Four Parachutes Joke

Enjoy and have a nice weekend

ps. Yes, of course it was a PowerPoint file, but I converted it
with the newest OpenOffice 2.1 to the PDF format, I recommend all to
share open formats.


Gentoo Profile migration from x86 to x86_64

dicembre 12, 2006 on 2:25 pm | In Developing, Life, Various | Nessun Commento

Back at the end of 2003: i had a Mandrake (yes, not yes called Mandriva) Linux distro (if i remember good the version was 8.0 or 8.1)
installed on my desktop pc (a really slow pentium2 400mhz) and i was really unsatisfied of performances.
I installed it because i needed an UNIX environment and i was swithing from WinXP,
with no experience at all.

I tried to use some multimedia applications like MPlayer and all films were not fluid,
audio jittering and so on….cpu usage always at 100%…
During some internet investigation i found some optimization tricks about MPlayer, and after recompiling
it manually from sources with cpu-specific flags i found it sooooo faster,
films were fluid with only 50% cpu usage!

So i thought: why not recompiling the whole system to have more speed?
I started manually but i soon realized it was impossible to manage without a package manager.
However the speed gain was important even if not like in MPlayer’s case.
I can say something between 20 and 30 per cent.
(ok, now someone can start a flame about that. On Pentium2 and after on upgraded Pentium3
the performance gain is really important. Maybe not as on fastest cpus, of course, this is a gcc trouble too,
which is not yet ready to do a perfect optimization, Intel compiler is much better but not opensource)

I started to wrote tons of bash scripts, and in the meanwhile i found Gentoo Linux was my distro!

I installed it in December 2003 and i’m still using it on 2 pcs now (p2 was upgrated to p3 500 and a notebook with celeron 650mhz);
i’m really satisfied of both, even if hardware is so old and slow.

Now i’m going to change my desktop with an Intel Core 2 Duo machine.
Desktop life will be different after that! ehheeh

My main problem is now to migrate my desktop data to the new pc.
I know can you do a low level copy of partition, this is just a 20 mins problem.

The main problem is the arch. I need to migrate from x86 to x86_64 and this is a bit tricky.
I’m now studying some solutions to the problem, but as to Gentoo FAQs, it’s impossibile to
migrate, and they suggest to do a fresh install.

I really don’t believe this. Nothing is impossibile.
For me it’s not enought to migrate my home and my /etc config directory, i want to migrate all

These are my plans at the moment:

1) boot with a 64bits gentoo minimal livecd (50mb cd)
2) download a portage-snapshot and stage3 pack and install them, having a minimal environment
3) with quickpkg create binary packages of critical dev tools such as gcc, binutils, libtool (any other needed? guess not).
4) low level copy of old desktop harddisk –>> will overwrite 64bits software from stage3
5) reinstall back 64bits packages of point number 3, ignoring some profile stuff, uninstalling old x86 ones
6) compile a 64bit kernel with 64bits native tools
7) reboot with the new kernel and not livecd
8) complete profile migration to x86_64 (maybe may be needed in point 5..)
9) emerge -e system and reboot
10) if all starts properly, emerge -eD world

I think it’s an acceptable procedure.
there are some points which i’m insure, but i suppose lots of unplanned problems may pop out.

I read x86 to x86_64 migration is impossible due to differences in the Gentoo installation process,
but i saw noone…..apart normal x86_64 options in kernel and similar arch specific….

Let’s see in some days, i’ll have new pc at the end of december, but having little time
i need to think about all that before 🙂

If works i’ll write a detailed howto, be sure 🙂


Full HD, HD Ready….or what?

dicembre 11, 2006 on 9:51 am | In Various, World/Politics | Nessun Commento

Saturday i had a chance to see a full HD TV.

It was a Panasonic Aquos, 52 inches diagonal. Really impressive and huge,
elegant, smart….and…expensive of course! More than 4500 euros.

Connecting such monster to a normal analog source is a shame: images will be really a shit,
even worse than the normal crt tvs.
That’s why it was connected with a BluRay player, playing some new films trailers and parts…
using the 1080p resolution, the best possibile with actual technology.

I have to say i was so impressed of image quality, really incredible, even compared to a DVD source
(which was there for a comparison too)…

Sharpness, true real colors, details…never saw before like that.

But, more i was impressed, more i understood it was a so far reality for normal broadcasted tv programs.
It will use so much data bandwidth for every single channel…

And i was thinking about the “…digital tv of the future…” (as described by Italian politicians)
the DTT….it’s as old as wheels..
It’s not a marked complete break with the past, it’s just a stupid transition that will steal
money to ignorant (and not..) persons.
Too little bandwidth, ridicolous resolution, old compression algorithm…DTT has nothing really interesting.

HD is still more than a dream…of course much be refined…but basis are there at least.


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