Hip Hop, yo yo

novembre 10, 2006 on 10:56 am | In Various, World/Politics | 1 Commento

Please someone explain these fucking new self-declared-HipHop-artists
that they’re not rap artists only cause they cry “Yo Yo”,
they do some silly rhymes and they have a big medal pending from the neck.

their videos full of wonderful cars and naked women are simply ridiculous,
just the opposite they should be, like boybands ones.

yo yo.


German vs Italian TV

novembre 9, 2006 on 11:33 am | In Life, Munich, Various | Nessun Commento

I have to say that i rarely watch at german channels.

Just some sport, i really understand nothing in german!

But i noticed some differences.
Money and people related.

German shows are not so full of pretty-all-naked women.
Ok they have guests and spectators, but not as in Italy.

Who pays them?

For istance, during 2006 Football World Cup they had some
journalists, some doing interviews, some commenting, some doing previsions
and so on…
but not as many as italian televisions! even if German was guesting the championship.

In every italian show we have at least one wonderful woman,
always half naked, understanding nothing about the topics,
but who cares….helps audience.

No problem, Italians will pay for that.


Status symbol

novembre 8, 2006 on 11:33 am | In Life, Various | Nessun Commento

Some days ago on a german tv channel (if i remember good RTL or DSF)
there has been a comparison between some sport cars like a Ferrari,
a Lamborghini and a Porche.

They did some performance tests like 0-100 km/h accelleration, top speed,
wet track driving, brake system and so on.

Seems Ferrari is the most safe but Lamborghini is faster.

I think this test is so stupid because they didn’t understand
what Ferrari word means.

Noone cares to have 0.2 sec delay in normal life.
People buying Ferrari don’t do that to be faster or go to work in 30 seconds lesse than usual.
Ferrari is a symbol, a status symbol.

The goal is not being the faster on earth, as, with F1 experience
they could reach easily this.
Porche produces many more cars than Ferrari.

This doesn’t mean in Maranello they are not able to build more.

Status symbol is not always rational 🙂


Kill Him, No Please Not!

novembre 7, 2006 on 9:36 am | In World/Politics | Nessun Commento

Yes, i’m refering to Saddam Hussein.
Everyone knows he has been condamned to death punishment.
After USA alliance finished (…Iran times during 80s),
after the scandal in the first Iraq War when he was left to the government place
USA stated it’s time to cut his head.

Now i have nothing more to tell USA to express how disguested i am
for its politics, but i just would like him not to be killed.

Ehi that doesn’t mean to free him, but punish somehow, for istance keeping him a whole
life in jail. Maybe for him is worse. Not to be remembered dieing while crying “Allah is great”.
This is what he would like.

He’s a fucking criminal, a dictator bla bla bla…
i don’t want to defend him. His crimes were so bad.
but the point is another. don’t make him a “kamikaze” example or extremist hero.

You wanna export democracy, this is a wonderful opportunity to show the world.

You say terrorist are violent, don’t be violent you too.
Noone has the right to steal other’s life.
Nothing and no one, even the most powerful country in the world.

Bush you’re looking for the christian puritan votes, conside what they would
tell you, if hard revenge or forgive.

Save his life.
Too much blood on Iraq ground, don’t add more please.


Ordinary story of italian bad quality

novembre 3, 2006 on 2:07 pm | In Life, Various | 2 Commenti

Less than one year ago i bought a Hyundai HYD 9907 DX DVD/Divx player.
I read some reviews and it seemed to be really good, playing an huge amount
of file formats.
There was a promotion so i bought it for something like 40 euros.

I used is for a little time and i noticed some problem with remote control.
It was “not so remote”, i mean you had to point the Irda sensor and be close.

After a bit, remote control died, suddenly.
I didn’t know if it was due to Irda sensor or transmitter, i took it back to the
shop because it was in warranty, they promised to be fast,something like 2 weeks.

After 3 months i still have no news, i asked them and they are still unable to
tell me where the problem is.

3 months.
The company has a website which is so outdated.
They promised a firmware update to fix some problems, but after 1 year still nothing.

I don’t know how they want to beat China’s factories.
They can’t compete on price, but they can on quality.
If product and assistence quality is so low, why should i buy an italian product?

Yes, never again.


Disaster coming! Enemy strikes back!

novembre 2, 2006 on 10:11 am | In Developing, Web | Nessun Commento

I never used the word enemy with Microsoft, and will not.
Just a provocation in the subject.
I think it’s a really big and wonderful company. really, not joking.

The problem is its power. MS has too much power.
Can do whatever it wants.

Now with upcoming Windows Vista, they are changing so many things, they
are forcing the security products, the entertainement, the business markets.

And, they are cheating users, with 100 versions.
The most funny is the Home-Basic-For-Poor-And-Dumb-Guys.
It’s a Vista version without any Vista features.
It’s an Xp copy (which was 2k copy) with some minor cosmetic changes.
And costs more, as Acer pointed out.

Ending: everyone wants the Ultimate version, which costs so much.
So people will start to hack and use pirate software, as usual.
If you take a look to the license EULA you can see how many limitation you have.
Can’t copy that, can’t use on different pcs more than XXX times, you have to phone to tell MS “ehi i bought it, please let me use it”,
can’t use on virtual machines, can’t tell your mother you’re using it.

So, even if you buy a licence, you may use it illegally if you’re not
a computer and law expert, even if you didn’t want, but just because you didn’t know.
So, just be pirate without buying is the normal thinking.
MS, why are you forcing people like that? that’s sad.

All versions, instead, contains “security” products which are a sort
of tracing/spyware stuff.

WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) stuff has been hacked in 5 mins.
Now every download has some checks, Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer
DirectX and so on…but they are just boring and useless.

MS will force OGA (Office Genuine Advantage) too.
I still see no sense, maybe they have wonderful stats about that.
Probably the stats are provided by the same companies that says
Windows TCO is lower thatn Linux one.

However, Vista has a very positive thing:
all pc manufacters will have to increase the basic configuration.
Now, if you just want to check your mail, you need at least a dual core pc
with 2 gb of ram, huge harddisk and a powerfull electricity-sucker-gpu.
(DirectX 10 graphic cards seems to use more that 200 Watts…)
Manufacters must update and keep similar prices.

Upgrade to Linux, this is my suggestion.

However, wondeful boxes 🙂
Windows Vista

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