Ordinary Story of Italian bad quality (3) – The End

novembre 29, 2006 on 11:44 am | In Life, Various | Nessun Commento

Ordinary Story of Italian bad quality (3) – The End

After facts described here and here, this story ended.

I got a full refund, but not cash…a discount – voucher for next products.

Better then nothing. I bought a Majestic 277USB.
Yes, just another italian product.
I chose that becouse of USB port, so i can plug and usb pen or external hardisk.
Really confortable…..if worked!
I hoped this product had a better quality….but seems i was wrong.

The device had problem with all cd/dvds, only audio was played, no video at all.
Motivation? i don’t know, the cable was right, the audio played fine, the medias
were a normal DIVX 5.0, a classic XVID 1.0 and a standard DVD (MPEG2).
They should be all supported, so i’m sure the problem is there.
The rendering should be done by the same DSP chip for audio decoding, so i suppose the problem was with
the link from the DSP processing to the SCART output, or, maybe easier,
in the connector itself.

I took the dvd player back again and got a second voucher.
I will spend in something else, more stable…more quality.

No need to hurry 🙂

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