That's a strange smell in the air…

novembre 27, 2006 on 9:53 am | In World/Politics | Nessun Commento

Don’t you fell a strange smell in the Italian Air?
No? Really? Strange…I smell it from Germany…

Seems something strange happened in last italian election, last spring.

Seems the left parties were winning with a big votes gap…but after some hours…
after first exit poll results….Berlusconi’s and right parties started to rise and in the end a really small votes gap
gave the victory to Prodi and left parties.

But the victory was not so strong, and they still have to sell their soul to Berlusconi
in order to let some laws be approved….but this is another topic (of shame..).

Seems the “white votes” percentual, generally around 8-10 %, dropped to 2-3%…and
all those votes have been assigned to Berlusconi’s and friend parties.

Strange isn’t it? Destiny is strange…yeah…

But the greatest scandal is in the left men declarations.
They said something like “ok…who cares…however we won”

EHHHH?????? what what what? can you repeat, sucker?
Seems like saying…ok..maybe someone did illegal tricks…but who cares…
we are at government now…this was our goal….and we got it.

You are stupid or corrupted?
Winning with a small gap created an huge instability in italian politics.

So, if you say “that’s not important” this means or you are dumb, or you had
some hidden agreements with the men corrupting the elections integrity.

Shame on you, Shit on you. ALL.
Italians are worldwide famous for mafia and illegality, but it’s up only to few persons.
They are the bad flag of Italy, let’s kick their ass off from our beloved country.

Government changes, but with no real changes, as they are false antagonists.
For normal persons the life is harder and harder…as we must feed this traitors’ army.

So sad…99% of italian work hard for 70 years and in the end they’ll have no retirement
at all, because money is stolen every day by usual suspects.

Yes future is so black…

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