Ordinary Story of Italian bad quality (3) – The End

novembre 29, 2006 on 11:44 am | In Life, Various | Nessun Commento

Ordinary Story of Italian bad quality (3) – The End

After facts described here and here, this story ended.

I got a full refund, but not cash…a discount – voucher for next products.

Better then nothing. I bought a Majestic 277USB.
Yes, just another italian product.
I chose that becouse of USB port, so i can plug and usb pen or external hardisk.
Really confortable…..if worked!
I hoped this product had a better quality….but seems i was wrong.

The device had problem with all cd/dvds, only audio was played, no video at all.
Motivation? i don’t know, the cable was right, the audio played fine, the medias
were a normal DIVX 5.0, a classic XVID 1.0 and a standard DVD (MPEG2).
They should be all supported, so i’m sure the problem is there.
The rendering should be done by the same DSP chip for audio decoding, so i suppose the problem was with
the link from the DSP processing to the SCART output, or, maybe easier,
in the connector itself.

I took the dvd player back again and got a second voucher.
I will spend in something else, more stable…more quality.

No need to hurry 🙂


Ode to the Iron Maiden

novembre 28, 2006 on 1:04 pm | In Various, World/Politics | Nessun Commento

Maybe this is my first post about music…why not dedicate it to one of the hardest-to-die bands?

Yes, after loooots of years, more than twenty, they are still on the wave.

Without selling their souls to the $$ dollar evil (ok, this doesn’t mean they don’t care about money),
resisting to corruption of pop/fake-rock bands’ music, after lots of “all the best” and live albums
they are back with “A Matter of Life and Death”.

What to say…this album is a pure Iron Maiden music, their own style has just been refined and cleaned.
Three guitars produce a wonderful solo in the “Out of the shadow” and a powerful in “The Legacy”.

What else…go and buy, it’s useless to describe with further words….

A short lyrics extract:

“My sins are many, my guilt is too heavy
The question of knowing of how then what I know
I’m able to see things
Things that I don’t want to see
The lies of a thousand souls,
Weigh heavy down on me”

from “The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg”

Up the Irons!


That's a strange smell in the air…

novembre 27, 2006 on 9:53 am | In World/Politics | Nessun Commento

Don’t you fell a strange smell in the Italian Air?
No? Really? Strange…I smell it from Germany…

Seems something strange happened in last italian election, last spring.

Seems the left parties were winning with a big votes gap…but after some hours…
after first exit poll results….Berlusconi’s and right parties started to rise and in the end a really small votes gap
gave the victory to Prodi and left parties.

But the victory was not so strong, and they still have to sell their soul to Berlusconi
in order to let some laws be approved….but this is another topic (of shame..).

Seems the “white votes” percentual, generally around 8-10 %, dropped to 2-3%…and
all those votes have been assigned to Berlusconi’s and friend parties.

Strange isn’t it? Destiny is strange…yeah…

But the greatest scandal is in the left men declarations.
They said something like “ok…who cares…however we won”

EHHHH?????? what what what? can you repeat, sucker?
Seems like saying…ok..maybe someone did illegal tricks…but who cares…
we are at government now…this was our goal….and we got it.

You are stupid or corrupted?
Winning with a small gap created an huge instability in italian politics.

So, if you say “that’s not important” this means or you are dumb, or you had
some hidden agreements with the men corrupting the elections integrity.

Shame on you, Shit on you. ALL.
Italians are worldwide famous for mafia and illegality, but it’s up only to few persons.
They are the bad flag of Italy, let’s kick their ass off from our beloved country.

Government changes, but with no real changes, as they are false antagonists.
For normal persons the life is harder and harder…as we must feed this traitors’ army.

So sad…99% of italian work hard for 70 years and in the end they’ll have no retirement
at all, because money is stolen every day by usual suspects.

Yes future is so black…


Coming back!

novembre 16, 2006 on 12:48 pm | In Life, Munich | Nessun Commento

Today i’m coming back to Italy after 2 months i’ve been in Munich.

Good! Even if it’s for a short time, sunday i’ll be here again.

But…no problem 🙂


Italian Bad Quality (2) – Much More!

novembre 14, 2006 on 7:15 pm | In Life | 1 Commento

Do you remember the first post about the HYD dvd player? (if not see here)

It strikes again!

After two (or more) months, i got it back.

Plug in, turn on….argh! same defect than before.
Take a look to the receipt:
“damage diagnostics:” …nothing…
“operations:” …empty…

I just tought it was empty cause someone forgot to fill them.
Now i’m sure it’s empty cause noone did anything on it!

I got it back, after two months holiday in a repair center.
Yes i the dvd looks better, it rested for two months.
Now it’s time to work!

It’s getting a principle matter. I don’t care if a new one costs less than 50 euros,
I have my rights, you must respect them without mocking me.
I should go to a customers association or something like that,
but in Italy the normal customer is abandoned. Any suggestion?

Fuck you HYD. W Chinese products, they are cheaper, at least.
probably quality is better too.
I’ll keep on using my wonderful LG dvd recorder.


Status symbol (2)

novembre 13, 2006 on 10:05 am | In Life, Various, World/Politics | Nessun Commento

After Ferrari post (link) just another status symbol post.

Yesterday i was in MediaMark (a big shop chain, in Italy we have MediaWorld i suppose it’s the same chain with different name)
and i had the chance to play with lastest iPod Nano.

The first impression is “incredibile”

They “merged” the first iPod mini with previous iPod Nano.
This means the new iPod is as light and thin as the Nano, but as resistant and hard as Mini.
Compared to Mini it seemed me just a bit longer, may next revisions will make it shorter.
Really good.
I have an iPod Mini, 1st generation. I didn’t buy it, IBM gave it to me as “present” for my
partecipation in a Linux project.

I have to say that iPod Nano, at the moment, has no rivals.
But other iPods are not fantastic.

I’m not satisfied of my iPod battery for istance.
You can listen music for less than 5 hrs, while they declare 8 maximum.
And battery is pretty new, less that 40-50 changes, should be at the top now.
Latest are declared 20 hrs, so i guess in reality they will last around 15 hrs.

And if you want to change the battery you have to send your iPod to Apple, they charges you 69 euros.
Considering the actual prices i think i’ll never change the battery, but i’ll buy a new one,
it’s cheaper.

Normal usb pen player have AAA battery you can change in a while.
You may take with you more than one and so enjoy a very long play.
when they die, you can simply trash and replace them.

…But the topic was status symbol.
Yes, because other players are, at my opinion, better and cheaper than iPod.
They have more features, such as mic recording, FM radio, and so on.
So often they have bigger disk and cost less.
Why all this success so?

I do agree with layout, so funny and elegant, but it’s not enough.
People wanna have status symbols, they all wanna be like others…
this is a primitive behaviour, like children do:
“Mum mum, i want that all my friends have it!”

so ome companies become king of the market and play with that how they want.

Slipknot say “ppl = shit”

But this is another topic again 🙂

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