Gimme a piece of bread

ottobre 31, 2006 on 10:13 am | In World/Politics | Nessun Commento

Fao ( has published a nice report about people starving.

While we are all worried about how many megapixels our mobile phone camera has, or if
Britney Spears ringtone is better than Christina Aguilera one,
there is an huge hungry dieing army: the army of poor and desperate men.
850 mln of persons worldwide (on 6 billion, so something like 15% of the earth population)
are starving. Yes lots are in Africa, but in Asia, Sud America, and, even USA and Europe where
you may think it’s not possibile.

This is incredibile and inacceptable in 2006, that’s a prehystoric behaviour..
Fuck the governments, fuck the Fao, fuck the churches and religions.
Everyone is good at speaking only.

Yes, today i’m disgusted.


My contribution to community…

ottobre 30, 2006 on 2:32 pm | In Developing, Life | Nessun Commento

…this year is pretty null.

Yes, this year I partecipated so little to the community life.
Of course i mean opensource community. What else!

On 28 October, in whole Italy guys have spread Linux knowledge, spotting it everywhere
with the opensource culture and movement.

I was missing. I’m sorry.
Few excuses, just some egoism I guess, i was caring my businness working abroad :((

I saw even the TV news were talking about Italian LinuxDay. Don’t give up.

Thanks guys.


Bono, you're my idol..

ottobre 24, 2006 on 8:46 am | In World/Politics | Nessun Commento

Yes, i’m talking about Bono Vox, U2 leader, probably the most famous rock (?!?!?) band in the world.

Bono, apart his artistic activities, is famous to be an activist supporting Africa and all the poorest zones and populations of the world.

When that’s a concert collecting money for Africa probably you’ll find him singing for free. Really a good man.

He has power and continuosly asks governments to delete the african’s debts. He’s pressing Ireland (where he was born and lives) to give more money and help to Africa. I really wish we all were like him.

Some days ago i heard the news he was moving some of his financial activities (valued something like 700 millions of euros) from Ireland to Holland. Why? just to pay less taxes.

Some…fast resume. Only those activities’ value is 700 millions. god only knows how many othershe owns.
He asks Ireland to give more money to Africa, but he wants to give less money to Ireland. yes, he’s really poor.

Ehh?? so he’s cheating all Ireland population. From where should the government take money? from OTHERS pockets, not his ones. Everyone can be good with other’s money.

That’s always like that. When people spots everywhere they are helping others, they are helping themself.
Strange…the destiny always wants Bono to help poors when cameras are recording, or journalists are invited.
Never behind his house’s walls. strange…

With 700 millions i guess Bono could build some water systems and hospitals in Africa.
This is what they need, not to get a cookie box at xmas.

Oops maybe i exagerated a bit with Bono. I’m sorry. You’re not the only lier, i know. Sorry again. I’m sure with the money saved from taxes you’ll help more children and show us you’re not so bad as i painted you.
Let’s go and buy an U2 CD for 20 euros, 19.90 will go to Africa, won’t they?


Thanks so much for the dream…

ottobre 23, 2006 on 8:40 am | In Sport | 4 Commenti

This is the really end.

Ok, after Suzuka failure i had really no hope for Ferrari and Schumi to conquer the championship but yesterday it’s “official”

Ok, this has been one of the most amazing seasons from Senna’s time.
Even hating Briatore and Alonso i have to congratulate with them, they have beaten Ferrari team, deserving both championships.

As usual, next year we’ll be still there fighting for the 1st place again, don’t worry.

But…we’ll be so difficult to see the red car without the red Schumacher helmet.

Once again, i’d like to thank him for his career and the gifts he gave us during the past years.

Ferrari lost a big part yesterday, now has a flat tyre. Let’s see if Raikkonen will be able to pump it up again.

Auf Wiedersehen Schumi. Tchusssssssss


Tragedia a Roma

ottobre 18, 2006 on 8:41 am | In Life, World/Politics | Nessun Commento

Per quello che vale, volevo solo dire che sono dispiaciuto per l’incidente nella metro di Roma

e che sono vicino alle vittime e i feriti e le rispettive famiglie.

Giorno molto triste ieri per Roma e l’Italia tutta.


Dream is over..

ottobre 9, 2006 on 9:02 am | In Sport | 2 Commenti

So sad when i write this post, the Ferrari and Schumacher dream is over now.
Ok, to be sincere i didn’t expect Schumacher to recover all those points…
and, until 37th lap, it was even ahead in the campionship, with Alonso on 2nd place.

But, suddenly, engine exploded…i can’t remember this happened during last years…
really unlucky.

I would have prefered to lose the championship before, not at the last race, not this way.

Ok, let’s see what it will happen in Brazil, but i have really no hope, neither for Schumacher, nor for Ferrari.

Sigh sob 🙁

Thanks for the dream however.

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