Schumi i wanna kill u!

agosto 7, 2006 on 4:12 pm | In Sport | Nessun Commento


One of the worst weekends i remember for Schumi.

Penalty, recovered with one of his best start..but later?

Contact with Fisichella..this is the critical point of his race.

Because this forced the pit stop at least 8-10, maybe 12 turns before needed, forcing the second stop too.

And forcing, again the bad tyres choice (keep the intermediate instead of slick).

But, the 4th place was good….why don’t take it at home?

I know he’s always on fight…ok…but…

The biggest delusion came from Ferrari men at box. Strategy has always been a point of force for Ferrari…and now?

Stupid calculation: 11 turns to go, 3 (or more) seconds slower = 33 secs.

A pit stop would have taken less than 25 secs. How did they think Schumacher would have stopped others? 3 seconds…4 secs every turn…it’s impossibile even in Monaco!

And Massa showed that with slick Ferrari was 1 sec faster than others.

What a shame. 4 points gone…

let’s hope we’ll not cry for those at the end of the championship…

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