Lots of WP Updates

agosto 29, 2006 on 1:53 pm | In Web | 2 Commenti

Ok, ok… i know i’m a bit late…more than 1 month…But now the blog has been updated to lastest 2.0.4 stable release,
fixing some (not critical however..) security bugs.

I had 10 free minutes, so i installed Spam Karma 2 and Bad Behavior too.

They are two WordPress plugins usefull to stop spam comments and spambots.

Next days i’ll see results, i hope they’ll be good enough.

Happy (safe) blogging now!


Schumi..time to go home? sigh sob :(

agosto 28, 2006 on 11:42 am | In Sport | Nessun Commento

Really sad to write this post….

I think that Schumacher is no more Schumacher. Maybe his retirement is behind the corner..
Yesterday he lost the campionship…yes…math still gives some hopes, but…

After the Hungarian disaster (a weeked full of errors from him) we were all waiting for a revenge.

New errors compromised the final result:
1) only one fast lap during qualifications (sorry watching the german tv I only saw 1 lap, i dunno if comments told something different), while Massa and all others drivers did two.
2) an error in his single lap made he start from 2nd position
3) bad performance during second stint in race (tyres problems?? strange, did some last laps before going in the pits..)
4) bad bad bad error at turn n°8, wasting more than 5 seconds. Without that error he would have jumped Alonso at the second pit stop. And this means that i would have won the race…due to team tactics.

Probably without error n°4 he would have taken 10 pts, while Alonso only 6.

This means now he would be only 6 points behind, not 12.

However Schumi has been so unlucky too….safety car this time helped Alonso…
I read some stupid declarations…really stupid for me…like:
“they had to give priority to Schumi at the first pit stop..”
Are we crazy? No comment….

Probably at Barrichello time this could be possible…not now…and never again.

Good notice: Ferrari is back as the best team (car+tyres in the complex) and has lots of chances to win the constructor championship.

However i can’t understand why…when Ferrari performances are ok…Renault’s managers (..Briatore over all..) say it’s Bridgestone’s merit.
When Renault win, it’s Renault’s merit. And Michelin tyres? So useless?

How comes??

However nice campionship.



agosto 9, 2006 on 4:23 pm | In Web | Nessun Commento

Ehi…we need Eclipse…download it and let’s go to lunch…


What?….check the download speed.

Nice 🙂

Eclipse Download


Xorg, Aixgl, Xgl, Xegl guide

agosto 9, 2006 on 9:37 am | In Developing | Nessun Commento

Searching for some OpenGL stuff i found an interesting and easy but nice guide:

Take a look there if you’re interested.


Schumi i wanna kill u!

agosto 7, 2006 on 4:12 pm | In Sport | Nessun Commento


One of the worst weekends i remember for Schumi.

Penalty, recovered with one of his best start..but later?

Contact with Fisichella..this is the critical point of his race.

Because this forced the pit stop at least 8-10, maybe 12 turns before needed, forcing the second stop too.

And forcing, again the bad tyres choice (keep the intermediate instead of slick).

But, the 4th place was good….why don’t take it at home?

I know he’s always on fight…ok…but…

The biggest delusion came from Ferrari men at box. Strategy has always been a point of force for Ferrari…and now?

Stupid calculation: 11 turns to go, 3 (or more) seconds slower = 33 secs.

A pit stop would have taken less than 25 secs. How did they think Schumacher would have stopped others? 3 seconds…4 secs every turn…it’s impossibile even in Monaco!

And Massa showed that with slick Ferrari was 1 sec faster than others.

What a shame. 4 points gone…

let’s hope we’ll not cry for those at the end of the championship…


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