Revenge is coming

luglio 31, 2006 on 1:49 pm | In Sport | Nessun Commento

Another big success for Ferrari, 1st and 2nd.

We’re coming back to our excellence levels…had no doubt.

Next week we’ll have another confirmation, i’m sure.

Don’t u already see a red shadow behind u Alonso?


Viva la Ferrari!

ps. ooo yesss i wanna get hired by Ferrari, why don’t they ask for me???


Back to italy!

luglio 20, 2006 on 10:12 am | In Munich | Nessun Commento

Tomorrow i’ll be back to Italy, just for a weekend.

Nice, i’m so happy 🙂

I’ll take a Lufthansa airplane, so if you see no more posts next week…’ll understand what went wrong 🙂

joking…i hope!

see u.



luglio 17, 2006 on 8:58 am | In Sport | Nessun Commento

Let’s strart from two weeks ago…

2 July:

Schumi-Massa 1st and 2nd
Valentino Rossi 2nd, with all the problems he had..


9 July

Italy World Champion (after 24 years!!!!)

and…yesterday…16 July..

Schumi-Massa 1st and 3rd
Valentino Rossi – Marco Melandri 1st and 2nd

This is the italian excellence in sports.

…and…yes… guilty football clubs hardly punished…
‘cause Italy is not all (and always) MAFIA. That’s something good too.




luglio 7, 2006 on 4:49 pm | In Munich | 2 Commenti

Thanks god it’s friday!!!!!!

GO GO GO home! i must rest a bit this weekend. just like everyone i guess. see u on monday.

ps. -14 days and i’ll be back in italy for a weekend! hurray.



luglio 5, 2006 on 1:45 pm | In Munich, Sport | 2 Commenti

Here we are!

Final is no more a dream.

Yesterday i watched the match in Olimpia Park, between hundreds and hundreds of German guys.

Suffering in silence (ehi, i couldn’t show my identify! but i didn’t miss the italian hymn with an hand over the heart) for 2-3 hours, and exploding all happyness at the end of the match in Leopoldstrasse with other italians.

I’ve no photo with me…i’ll try to get some from a spanish guy who was with me.

Ehi, fratelli d’Italia, l’Italia s’è desta!
wonderful day. really.


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