25 April

aprile 25, 2006 on 5:47 pm | In World/Politics | Nessun Commento

So important day for Italy. Probably the most important.

That means peace, pax, love.
..and respect for all men died to make our country free.

Thanks, this post is for you all. Rest in peace.

Fuck politics, which use this day to blame each other. shame on you.


Near the end!

aprile 19, 2006 on 2:24 pm | In Life | 4 Commenti

The end of what?

I’ve almost finished my thesis…should be ready to be printed today.

Maybe i’ll be more free after that.

Who knows!

See u 🙂


Voip for everyone!

aprile 11, 2006 on 3:18 pm | In Various | 3 Commenti

My passion for voip was born about 2 months ago, when i was bored of pots old style phone.

Everyone talks about Skype. ok, it’s a good application, nice GUI, but it’s already old.


Example: you can’t use your favourite cordless, but must use the provider’s one. why? cause they stated like that.

That’s the SIP protocol, really similar to HTML, which is really perfect for voip.
No execuses.

So, please don’t use Skype and its services. There are so many providers…
if you want a skype-like-gui you can use wengophone, but i suggest the
Ekiga client, which can handle several SIP accounts.

Please do not use Skype and other closed source apps, when you can use free one.


1st April Joke.

aprile 1, 2006 on 8:55 am | In Life | Nessun Commento

You know..devs are always more funny

quoting from linux kernel mailing list:

“We are pleased to announce that both of us will be working for
BitMover Inc., starting this month.

Petr, the author of the popular Cogito front-end for git, will
be modifying Cogito so that it natively works on BK
repositories. The superior Cogito user interface will
extensively increase added business value of BK by enabling a
variety of innovative workflows for smooth and economical
developer cooperation.

Junio, the current maintainer of git “stupid content tracker”,
will first be working on a gateway to import development
histories stored in git into BK. This move adds value to BK by
freeing the data so far locked in git repositories and making
them available to the BK users. He may later work on
reimplementing some parts of the git for BK, but it is expected
that there aren’t that many. For example, the “rename
detection” part is not necessary — BK natively supports rename
tracking, which is a far superiour approach.

There currently is no plan for either of us to be working on the
conversion from BK to git. There is no technical reason to do
so, and it does not make business sense for BitMover Inc.

Everyboby knows (do you know that, don’t u?) that Linus has switched from BK to the new git system. 🙂

Happy 1st April 😛


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