Amici mi mancate!

febbraio 28, 2006 on 9:27 am | In Life | 4 Commenti

Sono passati solo 3 giorni che siete a Madrid ma mi mancate!

Ne approfitterò per lavorare un po sulla tesi!

Vi aspetto 🙂

ps. yes just-another-personal-post-in-italian. not my fault if they blame me when i write in english. Marco learn this fucking language a bit 🙂


YESSSSS! Thanks Giorgio!

febbraio 26, 2006 on 7:40 pm | In World/Politics | Nessun Commento

Ok OK!

I’m so happy i was wrong. I wrote: no more medals. I had no hope for today’s 50km race.
And i’m so happy i was wrong.

We got a medal …and THE MEDAL. The gold one.
Amazing sprint of Giorgio, when on tv they kept saying “italians are not good at sprints, they should run away as soon as possible”.

I wasn’t the only one wrong.
But noone is blue for that 🙂

Nice present for this last day of Torino 2006.
I wrote more posts during olimpic games than ever.
I don’t like particulary winter games, but that’s always a wonderful emotion to see our athletes winning.

Congratulations to Germany, the first nation in classification.

Now , let’s wait 2010 🙂

Mundials are ahead!


No more medals!

febbraio 25, 2006 on 9:29 pm | In World/Politics | Nessun Commento

Argh…no more medals for Torino 2006…

Few hopes for the others.
Today Giorgio Rocca was not successful, we wished a gold medal for him…unfortunately got nothing…

Ok ok…if i remember correctly our Coni president told (before the beginning): “our goal is 10 medals”.
Well….we reached it….some champions went KO, some young revealed themself to be champions…that’s life, a positive result anyway.

Now…let’s enjoy the last day…

But still a wonderful show taken as a whole.


Wonderful Hero! Thanks Enrico!

febbraio 21, 2006 on 6:22 pm | In World/Politics | 3 Commenti

I just want to say thanks to Enrico Fabris.

10 mins ago he won the gold medal in the 1500 metres.

That has been a so wonderful emotion, not only for the medal, but for the way that medal came.

Infact he wasn’t so fast at the first two checkpoints, but last one was fantastic.
When others run, they were always faster than him but at the finish line his time was untouchable.

I’m sure he did this tactics to make us suffer and enjoy with him.

Thanks Enrico, thanks so much.
3 medals in Torino 2006…guess you’ve even never dreamed these results.

Grazie. Forza Italia!
(no politics here!)

Gold Metal



febbraio 15, 2006 on 8:58 pm | In Life | Nessun Commento


I stated: stop thinking, action now. I want the New Yaris. Stop.
So this morning i went to a Toyota point and asked for a drive test.
After testing the 1.0 version i stated the 1.3 (87 cv) version is perfect for me.
This afternoon i bought it!

Ok they won’t give me the car immediatly, i have to wait about 2 months…but…i’m happy for the choice.

Check the pic, isn’t wonderful?




febbraio 13, 2006 on 9:02 pm | In Life | Nessun Commento

Sometimes i just feel like an alien in this earth.

Actually i’m living a very bad moment with personal troubles and problems due to family, studies, some external activities and…probably the first one..myself.

So..maybe i won’t post for a while…maybe tomorrow i’ll post 10 news.
Who knows.

I’m feeling the “mal de vivre”, using a french expression.
I hope time will march on much faster.

Time to sleep. Good medicine.

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