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My Projects

These are the projects i created alone, or with some friends, to pass some university exams or just for fun.

 Project Name   Short Description 
Artlog Java article catalog based on MySQL
AVL Implementation of AVL and BST trees for fast insert, search and deletion
LiberoGUI GTK based frontend for Liberopops application
ImageShare P2P image-only sharing application written with QT libs
XChat2 Plugins Collection A collection of plugin for XChat2 IRC application
Eci ADSL Modem Linux Driver Linux (2.4.x and 2.6.x) drivers for Globespan ADSL "modems"
PentaGeSys PHP Factory complete and integrated management solution
aMule All-platform eMule-derived P2P Client for ed2k network
ShareDaemon A multiplatform and multinetwork P2P application

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