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Welcome to my website. I've created this website to check my knowledge in the HCI field.

This gave me a motivation to get forced to create something i've ever planned to do, but never done due to my lazyness, and lack of free time.

Technical features

This website is a XHTML 1.1 valid document. Actually it's the hardest compatibility level an HTML document can support, and make it compatible with pretty all existing browsers. It uses Javascript and DOM manipulation for the News/Alert/Updates box and CSS for all the GUI. CSS manages the position of all elements, the colors, the style, the decoration and so on. Actually it's static, no real login provided.

This website is designed to be show at 1024x768 screen resolution. This means that if your screen resolution is lower you may found some element bigger and not aligned with others, you can see carriage returns and so on, but the site will be however navigable and accessible. I'm sorry for these problems.

Website layout concepts »

What to expect from this website

Actually the website is in a sort of "demo mode". This means that it shows a nice layout providing links to all the sections will be populated later. I've planned an update and improvement roadmap.

Changes and updates roadmap »

Update 10/11/2005

Blight Site is going to move to this portal. Notice new link. Blight Site Zone

Update 12/11/2005

Personal Blog opened, check the link to read it! Blog

Update 16/07/2010

Unified Blogs in Piazza Del Popolo (People’s square)
Unicode UTF-8 now enabled on all website pages Piazza Del Popolo Blog

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